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"¿QUÉ ES GRILLO? Es un receptor inmediato de la señal de alerta sísmica temprana del Sistema de Alerta Sísmica Mexicano (SASMEX)."

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Grillo is a super-fast receiver of the Mexican SASMEX early earthquake warning signal.


"Grillo is a low-cost option for the most vulnerable communities and families"

Gary Hattem, President of Deutsche Bank Foundation


Grillo is always listening for the government's earthquake warning signal. When this is received, it is immediately decoded, and the Grillo then reacts with a loud siren and lights.



The Mexican government have developed a very effective early warning system called SASMEX. This system uses many sensors along the Pacific coast to look out for tremors. As soon as a strong tremor is detected it immediately warns nearby cities. These cities then broadcast the warning using a special radio frequency. Grillo is able to respond immediately to this government signal, with no delay due to re-broadcasting.

Sensor transmits warning to City Transmitter, which sends it directly to Grillo.



Our super efficient and innovative electronics design has been led by a world-class engineer in the USA. He makes similar devices for the US government and their NOAA weather system which was the template for SASMEX. We have made sure that there is no delay or error in decoding of the analogue radio signal.

Custom Printed Circuit Board with integrated antenna

Our design is based on an open source hardware to make sure we offer well tested and cost effective components. We have now designed the final printed circuit boards (PCBs). These have all the circuitry contained on one board, and are more power efficient than our previous versions. The PCB has an integrated antenna, and also an external antenna port in case your home does not have optimal reception.

External features of the Grillo.

We have spent a lot of time finding ways for the Grillo to work automatically. Our aim has always been that anyone can plug a Grillo in, and then forget about it. We have created custom computer code that finds the strongest signal and then notifies you with a unique coloured LED display.



To keep the cost of the unit down we have decided to use laser-cut MDF. This can be produced in Mexico City, and assembled locally. The Grillos in this Fondeadora campaign will be produced this way:

Existing Grillo Prototype


If we have enough interest in Fondeadora, we would love to invest in a mold for plastic injection production which could be used for future orders. You can see our design here:

Plastic Grillo designs



It wasn't pretty! But it worked perfectly from the start, and the Grillo was born. We have been through many versions since to ensure the cost of the Grillo is as low as possible, and as easy to use as possible.

First prototype.

Second prototype


We’ve spent the last six months designing and testing this device. It functions perfectly and all of us have one at home ! Now we’re ready to take it to the next step - a full production order.

We haven’t worried about the costs up to now because we’ve only been making prototypes for testing. Now we need to increase the quantity so we can get the cost down to where we think it needs to be. If the order is large enough, we'll consider upgrading from a laser-cut mdf case to an injection molded case of plastic.

This is where Fondeadora comes in. We’d like to get everyone who wants to receive this lifesaving signal to join with Grillo. Not only will this community help us grow, but we will get valuable feedback to help us understand what people most want from their device, and make sure they get the most out of this technology.



We're planning for a gradual ramp up in production, starting with a first batch of 100 machines and going up from there. This will allow us to test our manufacturing suppliers and optimize the process.

Immediately following our Fondeadora campaign, we'll begin placing orders for our long-lead time items like PCB's. These items have a delivery time of approximately 45-60 days. During that time, we'll be working with our local assemblers on the laser-cut cases. They are able to produce over 100 per day, and more if we employ additional help.

We'll use the 45Â day delay to advance notify our shippers. We have one shipper ready inMexico City, and will be confirming our shipper for the other cities.

We anticipate a first batch of approximately 100 Grillos to ship in September with a second batch in October, and then a final batch in November. After 2 batches, we expect to have worked out any production bugs.



We've taken our time to do lots of testing on Grillo. We're confident that the mechanical and electrical designs are solid.

We depend on suppliers for components like microchips, speakers, amplifiers and more. Anumber of these suppliers are in China and we've ordered from them before to ensure that they're the kind of suppliers that we want to work with.

Our electronics are being built in different assembly shops so that we can shift from one to the other in the event that problems arise. Ideally we wanted to have everything assembled in Mexico, but that would not allow us to offer the best price to you.

We will be making the cases here in Mexico ! We already have production started with lasercut MDF pieces. We have prepared a small cottage industry here with some ladies who are very keen to sand them, glue them and deliver assembled boxes back to us.

Perhaps the biggest unknown right now is the production rate. A successful Fondeadora campaign will give us greater ability to overcome any obstacles by hiring additional people or bringing more production capability in-house.



1. Will you ship to my house?

Yes (providing you live in Mexico) ! This cost for this is included.

2. What is included with a Grillo?

Each Grillo will come packaged with an instruction sheet (you probably won't need it!), a wall charger, and lots of love and care.

3. Do I have to pay a subscription?

Never! other devices on the market rebroadcast the signal. This means that they must maintain their expensive transmitting infrastructure. With a Grillo you will be connected forever to the Government's SASMEX signal. This has been running for many years without fault and it is anticipated to keep going.

4. Is it really faster than phone apps?

Yes it is a lot faster and more reliable. Phone apps are run by third-party services that have a

Grillo-type device in their building hooked up to the internet. By the time you will receive your Grillo warning, they are -assuming they have power and are in operation - uploading this signal again to the internet. Afterwards they will depend on a server to "push" this signal back to internet enabled phones through a congested phone network. They don't always work, and when they do there is 10-40 seconds delay or more!

5. How long will Grillo keep working for?

Grillo is made to last. This little guy has a tough outer shell, and very durable electronics. It should be happy to stay plugged in for years.... You will need however to change its backup batteries every year (depending on the brand you use).

6. I have received my Grillo, and it only works in some parts of my house?

Yes, the radio frequency used by SASMEX is called VHF. This is similar to old televisions. For this reason, the Grillo should be located near a window, preferably high off the ground, and away from other electrical equipment. If you still have issues, we recommend adding an external antenna.

7. What are the plans for future Grillos?

We are very excited about the future. Once we have put our first Grillos into peoples homes we will be waiting to hear back from you. The next batch will incorporate small changes requested by the community. In the future we will make the Grillo into a total home protection solution - this will likely include additional features such as smoke/carbon monoxide sensors, wireless connectivity, ability to "talk" to other devices, and more!

Our big aim is to reduce the price of Grillos further so more people can have one. This means we need to generate enough interest and early sales so that we can buy our electronics in bulk, and also move to plastic fabrication for the cases.

We are also in the process of getting government approval for selling to larger businesses. This will result in a new industrial version.

8. How do I know if my home can receive the SASMEX signal?

These are the cities that we know the SASMEX signal goes to. Below is a more detailed list with municipalities. If you wish to know the latest news about coverage please visit our web page (link above) and send us a message.



¡Van en camino los Grillos!

por Fanny Villiers

Hola fondeadores,

Les agradecemos infinitamente su paciencia. Hoy tenemos una muy buena noticia que tanto a ustedes como a nosotros, nos tranquiliza.  El creador del proyecto Andrés Meira nos compartió una foto de los Grillos finalizados; se las compartimos para que estén seguros de que sus fondeos han sido utilizados para lo que fue prometido.

La producción de las alarmas se realizó con éxito y el equipo de Grillo está armando los paquetes para mandárselos. En unos días tendremos noticias de la fecha exacta de los envíos, que en cuanto sepamos, se las compartiremos.

Nuevamente mil gracias por haber soportado el largo plazo de espera. Para cualquier duda, los invitamos a comunicarse con nosotros, por el correo hola@fondeadora.mx.

Estamos a sus órdenes,

El equipo de Fondeadora


Explicación sobre la entrega de los Grillos

por Fanny Villiers

Hola Fondeadores !

Les pedimos una gran disculpa para el retraso de la entrega del Grillo. El creador de la alarma sísmica les explica todo en este video y les anuncia la próxima distribución de los Grillo en el DF.

Espero que tengan un poquito más de paciencia porque ya va a llegar !!!

Gracias por su apoyo y su indulgencia. Si tienen más preguntas pueden contactar Andrés Meira al andres@grillo.mx o llamarlo al 55 26561274.

Un abrazo y un feliz año 2015 a todos.

El equipo de Fondeadora.

Alerta Sísmica Grillo