Los Truenos de San Juan Documentary

By Santiago Maza

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"The carnival in San Juan de la Vega is an unprecedented party in the world. During the five-day festivity, the townsfolk celebrate their pagan saint with veilin"

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Guanajuato, Mexico

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What’s the project about?

This documentary portrays a four-century-old tradition that candidly shows the syncretic nature of Mexico. It’s a town party that involves high levels of explosives and has never before been accurately registered by a camera. 

With powerful imagery and an editing style that appeals to every sense, this project aims to position itself in the best film festivals of Mexico and the world. 

The thunder party has become the bone of contention in San Juan. The older generations condemn the harm the participants inflict unto themselves and the tradition. The young ones, loaded with zeal towards San Juanito and his miracles, defy the established order. Amidst all this, the local authority, in a town where the police doesn’t go in, by all means tries to avoid that the never ending quarrels and the furtive explosives don’t turn into a lethal mix.

Take a look at the trailer to learn more about the documentary!

Teaser #1 'Truenos de San Juan' from Santiago Maza on Vimeo.

How will we use the money?

We’ve been visiting the carnival for three years now. Up to now, we’ve paid for the trips, the camera equipment –including drone shots- and other necessary expenses. 

Even though as a team we’ve put our time and effort at the project’s service, there are costs that remain unavoidable. It’s at this stage that we ask for your help. We want that the documentary profits from solid post-production assets as original music or a proper grading and sound mix. That way we can guarantee that the final product will make the most out the story and the incredible circumstances we’ve filmed.

Furthermore, we want to make this story known. To make the right promotion, we need to invest the project with it’s own graphical identity. Afterwards, we intend to send it to numerous festivals worldwide.

About the creators

We’re a team of passionate documentary filmmakers that yearn to depict Mexico in all of its astonishing forms and colors. We esteem and applaud our characters and cherish this humble town. We don’t mind missing out on rest as we obtain the best possible shot. 

We’ve all taken part in successful finished documentaries so we are aware of the challenges a project like this brings. In this long trip we have undertaken, prestigious festivals as the GIFF, in Guanajuato, have supported the feature film by including in its workshops.

How and when will the rewards be delivered?

As soon as we have our final cut in this year’s second half we’ll start sending out the rewards to all our backers.

What are the project’s risks?

The main risk is that the editing process extends more than it is planned since this means the plan becomes more expensive and we lose the momentum we’ve gained up to now. It is important to invest the raised money and resources properly in order to close the year with a finished documentary. 

Mientras se trabaja el corte final, también se trabaja la identidad gráfica, el subtitulaje y la ruta de difusión. 

Contact the director:

  • mail to : smaza91@gmail.com
  • phone: 5522 715 517
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por Santiago Maza
De parte de Maza, Cebo, Branko, Juan, Toy, Ray, Rashid, Quique, Gag, Raquel, Hansel, Moisés, Sebastián, Turco, Memo, Liora, Sofia, Paola, Alejandro, Moi, Paco, Alejandro y varios más que se sumarán al equipo próximamente…
Queremos darles gracias infinitas por haber creído en Los Truenos de San Juan. ¡Con más de CIEN fondeadores pudimos romper nuestra meta DOS veces! Bienvenidos sean todos a la familia Trueno, por este canal y a través de nuestras cuentas en Facebook e Instagram los mantendremos al tanto de las buenas nuevas que vayan llegando. 
Ahora, es nuestro deber con todo el apoyo que nos otorgaron seguir trabajando para posicionar y compartir esta insuperable historia mexicana en prestigiosos festivales de México y el mundo. 
También iremos trabajando sus merecidas recompensas que les irán llegando en este último tercio del año. Lo primero en salir serán las postales así que te pedimos que nos envíes tu dirección a smaza91@gmail.com para enviártelas. 
No duden en acercarse y averiguar cómo sigue creciendo el documental, es un placer tenerlos cerca.
De nuevo, GRACIAS, sigamos creciendo…
Con muchísimo cariño,

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¡Vamos por más! Aumentamos nuestra meta un 30%.

por Santiago Maza
Gracias al apoyo y las porras de una comunidad increíble de fondeadores, hemos decidido aumentar nuestra meta en ‪#‎FondeadoraARCA‬ un 30%, de $210,000 a $273,000 :)

El monto adicional nos permitirá cubrir la digitalización y edición del material de archivo (¡encontramos más cintas con videos de carnavales pasados!), grabación de foleys en campo, diseño de créditos e impresión en blu-ray. Para que ‪#‎TruenosdeSanJuan‬ quede chulo de bonito.

(Ojo: el alcance seguirá diciendo que ya logramos nuestra meta, pero vamos por más.)

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Los Truenos de San Juan Documentary

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