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"Improving nutrition, reforestation and income sources for marginalized communities in México through the Moringa tree."

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Distrito Federal, Mexico

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How are we changing Mexico?

Kukua is a social enterprise that seeks to improve diet, reforest, and provide extra income for marginalized communities in Mexico with the Moringa tree – famous for its high nutritional value.

Moringa originated in India, and due to the high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals it contains, its leaves have been used to combat malnutrition internationally by organizations such as the U.N. and the F.A.O. 

At Kukua we are positive that incorporating Moringa in daily nutrition can help prevent the bigger health issues faced in Mexico, such as obesity, diabetes, and both mental and physical under-development. 

By consuming Kukua products you are improving your health and wellbeing, and also contributing to:

●      Training women in marginalized communities on planting, growing, and consumption techniques for Moringa. 

●      Economical growth for these communities through sales and distribution of the leaf.

●      Reforestation of these communities through constant planting and growing of new trees.

Our products

●      Kukua Powder: cooking complement that increases the nutritional value of all your food.

●      Kukua capsules: for easy on-the-go consumption, take 2 at every meal.

●      Moringa cookies: delicious, nutritious, and healthy! Perfect for dessert or a quick snack.

●      Moringa tree: help create a greener Mexico by planting your own.

In buying our products you are benefitting Kukua’s humanitarian endeavors.

How will we use the money? 

Accelerating the growth of our company in the Instituto Irrazonable. This will help us create more greenhouses, so we can reach many more communities. We currently have 3 greenhouses benefitting different communities in Morelos.

The Team: 

We are a group of 5 women who share a passion for nutrition, trees, community development, and, above all: MORINGA! Each of us has discovered something incredible about this tree:

  • Isabel worked with it in Kenya, where she witnessed the impact that it has on communities in terms of economic growth, job creation, and overal health.
  • Inés has been a part of 2 start-ups and saw in Kukua the opportunity to generate a social and sustainable impact wolrdwide.
  • Jana is a food engineer and has found a way to design Kukua’s products in a way that maximizes their nutritional properties
  • Fernanda  is a passionate nutritionist who takes care of transmitting the important properties of Moringa to our communities as well as our clients, and
  • Andrea is a chef and health coach who has developed delicious and healthy recipes with all of Kukua’s products.


How and when will we deliver the rewards?

One month after the campaign ends, we’ll send them to your house.

Contact the creator:

●      mail: hola@kukua.com.mx; isabel@kukua.com.mx, ines@kukua.com.mx

●      phone number: 55-22-71-18-40

●      facebook: Kukua

●      instagram: kukua_mx                                                        

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Thanks for your support! Personalized tree: We will plant one of our trees in your name! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be immortalized in the field of one of the entrepreneurs in our marginalized communities.

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YOU ROCK! Moringa Seeds: We’ll send you a package with seeds, so you can have the most amazing plant known to mankind in your own backyard!

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THANKS A MILLION! Plant your Moringa Package: Includes: a bag of seeds, Agrolita organic substrate, pot, and planting manual. This great package will help you experience planting your own Moringa with the best substrate in the world. Don’t miss out!

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WOW! THANKS! Moringa tree and 2 Kukua cookies: You will receive the tree in a beautiful vase that you can put anywhere in your house or office. This way you can reforest and consume it as soon as possible, and improve your health! Besides, you’ll receive 2 of our delicious Kukua cookies to enjoy anytime. (Only in Mexico City – Distrito Federal)

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AMAZING! THANK YOU! Kukua powder and recipe book (5 months): You will receive one of our star products for 5 months, along with our Kukua recipe book, with which you will have the best ways to prepare delicious meals with the added benefit of nutritious Moringa for you and your family.

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WE ARE AMAZED BY YOUR DESIRE TO FORM PART OF THIS MOVEMENT! Gala dinner with the Kukua team: You’ll get the opportunity to dine at one of the most original and delicious restaurants in Mexico, where the menu will contain our most precious secret ingredient: Moringa! You will have the chance to meet and personally talk to the Kukua team. If you are outside of Mexico and can’t make it, don’t worry! We can connect you through Skype!

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YOU ARE AMAZING, AND WE WANT TO IMMORTALIZE YOU BIG TIME! Greenhouse in your name and gala dinner with the Kukua team: An entire generation of Moringa trees will have the honor of being named after you, and you’ll be invited to our gala dinner!

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