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Laboratoria Chile: Código que transforma

By Laboratoria CL

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Ended 12/18/15

"Formamos futuras líderes digitales, transformando mujeres jóvenes en situación de vulnerabilidad, en desarrolladoras web exitosas."

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Región Metropolitana De Santiago, Chile

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¿What do we do?

In Laboratoria we believe that technology provides infinite opportunities for thousands of talented women who have not been able to access higher education in Chile. 

Our work focuses on identifying the most talented women in vulnerable conditions and training them to become successful coders and agents of change in a short period of time. We train them, empower then, connect them with companies that require their talent and give them the tools they need to radically transform their quality of life and their future.

¿What we want to change?

We want to reduce the unemployment levels of young women living in vulnerable conditions, using the opportunities provided by the digital industry. 

¿How do we do it?

Our process has three main steps:

Recruitment and Selection process

We select our students through a rigorous three-step selection process that allows us to assess their logic and reasoning, observe their interpersonal skills and evaluate their commitment to the program. The candidates who are selected begin an immersive training program that lasts 5 months and is based on two fundamental pillars:

Web development: Our coders learn some of the most utilized tools and coding languages in front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Wordpress and Github), and graduate prepared to create an infinite number of web products and solutions, and launch a successful career in the tech industry.
Personal development: In Laboratoria we ensure that our coders don’t only learn technical skills, but also develop themselves integrally. Our technical program is therefore complemented by a personal development program, supported by psychologists, who work on non-cognitive skills such as leadership, creativity, professional development, self-esteem and communication.

As a transversal pillar of our program, Laboratoria promotes self-learning through practical exercises, problem solving, and information analysis so that our coders can be self-taught and may develop their skills throughout their career.

At the end of the program, and through our network of company allies,  Laboratoria places its students with quality jobs in the tech industry, boosting the sector with diversity and greater innovation.


Our impact

We are currently implementing the pilot program in Chile with students from different vulnerable municipalities of Santiago City, who arrived to Laboratoria with an average income level lower than the minimum wage. Today, after four months of classes, our students are not only programing their first websites, but they have also developed soft skills like communication, team work and leadership, among others. We additionally count on a strategic network of companies and relevant people in the industry of technology, gender equity, education, entrepreneurship and communications.
Laboratoria is a private, independent and social enterprise designed to be economically sustainable in time. As a starting point however, we search for support to be able to scale up the pilot program to show the potential this program has in Chile.  

¿How will your contribution be used?

Our goal for 2016 is to improve the opportunities of 100 young women. In December, we will launch our call for applications for the next generation of “Laboratoria Chile Coders.”
The $15.000.000 (approximately 22.000 dollars) will allow us to train 25 women of the second generation that will begin in march 2016, to open our own Code Academy Center and hire a small highly qualified team.

In other words, your support will go directly towards providing scholarships to future coders and leaders of the digital sector in Latin America, driving a profound transformation in their lives, and contributing towards a better future for them, their families and our country’s economic development. 

We are counting on you to make it happen!

Our team

We are a young, multidisciplinary team passionate about rescuing lost talent and empowering people with limited access to opportunities. Together, we believe in the potential that exists to provide a better future for the country.


Somos un equipo multidisciplinario, apasoinado for mejorar la calidad de vida de quienes han tenido limitadas oportunidades en la vida. Juntos creemos en el potencial que existe para generar un mejor future para nuestro país.

Marisol Alarcón:  Co-founder and Director. She studied Business Administration in   Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and has a Master in Public Administration and Development Practice from Columbia University. She has many years of experience in the social and public sectors.
Carolina Covarrubias: Co-founder and Director of Operations. She studied Business Administration in Universidad Católica de Chile and has many years of experience in the social, public and education sectors.  
 Francisca Justiniano: Co-founder. She studied Business Administration in Universidad Católica de Chile and is candidate for an Innovation Master in the same University. She has many years of experience in the social, public, private and entrepreneurial sectors.
Cristóbal Severino:  Academic director and teacher. Web developer with experience in the private and entrepreneurial sectors.
¿Cuáles son las recompensas y cuándo se entregarían?

What are the rewards and when will they be delivered?

Each dollar collected with go straight to train the new generation of coders of Laboratoria Chile. To thank you for your support, we have a few unique awards that we will begin sending out as soon as the campaign is over.  Our team will contact each donor by email to get your mailing addresses. Please give us five months to receive your gifts (Chile can be very far!!)

¿Questions, suggestions comments? We want to hear from you!

Facebook: Laboratoria Chile
Tweeter: @Laboratiacl

Laboratoria Chile: Código que transforma

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