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"Identificamos a mujeres talentosas en zonas económicamente marginadas, las transformamos en desarrolladoras web exitosas y las colocamos en el mercado laboral."

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Distrito Federal, Mexico

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Who are we?

In Laboratoria we believe that technology provides infinite opportunities for thousands of talented youth in Mexico that don’t have access to quality higher education. 

Our work focuses on identifying the most talented young women in the country’s marginalized, urban communities, and build their capacity so that in a few months they can become successful coders and agents of change in society. Our goal is to empower them, connect them to companies that require their talent, and give them the tools they need to radically transform their quality of life and future.

What do we want to change?

Laboratoria provides a solution to three interrelated problems:

How do we do it?

Laboratoria is implemented in three equally important phases:

1) We select our students through a rigorous three-step selection process that allows us to assess their logic and reasoning, observe their interpersonal skills and evaluate their commitment to the program.

2)  The candidates who are selected begin an intensive training program that lasts 5 months and is based on two fundamental pillars:

  • Web development: Our coders learn some of the most utilized tools and coding languages in front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Sass, Wordpress and Github), and graduate prepared to create an infinite number of web products and solutions, and launch a successful carreer in the tech industry.
  • Personal development: In Laboratoria we ensure that our coders don’t only learn technical skills, but also develop themselves integrally. Our technical program is therefore complemented by a personal development program, led by a psychologist, who works on non-cognitive skills such as leadership, creativity, professional development, self-esteem and communication.

As a transversal pillar of our program, Laboratoria promotes self-learning through practical exercises, problem solving, and information analysis so that our coders can be self-taught and may develop their skills throughout their career.

3) At the end of the program, and through our network of company allies, Laboratoria places its students with quality jobs in the tech industry, boosting the sector with diversity and greater innovation.

Our impact

Laboratoria Mexico has the vision of training thousands of women in Mexico in the following years.

Today, we are training 26 women from Mexico City and Mexico State, who have applied their talent and demonstrated high-skilled abilities that will allow them to be successful as professionals and leaders in their country.

In only two months of having started the pilot program in Mexico, we already have a network of over 30 companies interested in contributing with the technical education of our students and hiring them.

We now need to grow in order to better serve the market and to provide this opportunity for more women. In order to do so, we are looking for seed funds that will allow us to select more women, hire more teachers, expand our geographical reach and consolidate our business and sustainability model.

How will we use your contribution?

In november we will be launching the call for application for the next generation of “Laboratoria Mexico Coders”. Hundreds of women will present themselves to apply to the program and join our movement.

The 500,000 pesos (approximately 30,000 dollars) will allow us to open our own center, train 35 more women starting in january and hire a highly qualified team that will allow Laboratoria Mexico to train and graduate another 200 women in 2016.

In other words, your support will go directly towards providing scholarships to future coders and leaders of the digital sector in Latin America, driving a profound transformation in their lives, and contributing towards a better future for them, their families and our country’s economic development. 

We are counting on you to make it happen!

Who are the leaders behind Laboratoria Mexico?

We are a young, multidisciplinary team passionate about rescuing lost talent and empowering people with limited access to opportunities. Together, we believe in the potential that exists to provide a better future for the country.

Gabriela Rocha

Gabi is Brazilian and studied Psychology in Boston College (’07) and has a Masters in Public Administration and Development Practice from Columbia University in New York (’13). She has six years of experience working in corporate social responsibility, and in social and economic development projects in Latin America.

Macha Bertrand

Macha is Belgian and studied Commercial Engineering and has a Masters in International Business at CEMS Management School (’09). She’s worked as a financial analyst in international corporations and startups in Mexico.

Raphaelle Simunek

Rapha is French and has a Masters in Business Administration from ESCP Europe (’10). She has five years of experience working in sustainable development and social impact with the private and non-profit sectors, and has worked several years with social entrepreneurs.

Raziel Rocha

Raziel is Mexican and has a Masters in Business Administration from IPADE. He’s a dedicated entrepreneur who has more than eight years of experience launching and leading tech startups in Mexico.

What are the rewards and when will they be delivered?

We would like to thank you for your important donation to the development of Laboratoria in Mexico by gifting you with a couple of unique rewards. 

Our team will be in touch with each donor in order to get your mailing directions. We will begin sending out gifts as soon as the campaign is over. Please give us three months to receive your gifts (Mexico can be far!!)

Contact Laboratoria Mexico:

  • mail:
  • web:
  • facebook: Laboratoria México (Like us!)
  • twitter: @LaboratoriaMX (Follow us!)

Lo logramos!!!! We did it!!!

por Laboratoria MX

Friends, amis, amigos (in english below, en français ci-dessous, em português abaixo!!)

Estimad@s amigos donantes!
Es con mucha alegría y emoción que les comunicamos que el sábado alcanzamos nuestra meta de MXN500,000 en nuestra campaña en Fondeadora!!!!!! Estamos muy felices con el resultado!!! Gracias a su generosidad, fue posible recaudar lo suficiente para que podamos crecer y formar a otra generación de alumnas a partir de enero en nuestro propio centro de formación!! 
Tenemos, además, varias buenas noticias para compartir con ustedes! 

  • Actualmente, 8 de nuestras alumnas ya están haciendo prácticas con 3 empresas del sector digital, y la retroalimentación de las empresas ha sido muy positiva! Estamos muy orgullosas de ellas!
  • Laboratoria también acaba de ser seleccionada como uno de sólo 6 proyectos por New Ventures Startups para un programa de aceleración, y por la Sociedad de Emprendedores Públicos del Tec de Monterrey, una de las instituciones educativas más respetadas en el país. 
  • Laboratoria también se destacó en los medios internacionales con la participación maravillosa de nuestra fundadora, Mariana Costa, en el Foro Anual del Banco Mundial en Perú al lado de Jim Yong Kim, Presidente del Banco Mundial, Sean Penn (Haiti Relief Organization), Blanca Treviño (Fundadora de Softtek), Allen Blue (Co-Fundador de LinkedIn), entre otros líderes mundiales de emprendimiento.

Cada uno de ustedes ha contribuido para realizar nuestro sueño de llevar Laboratoria a cada vez más mujeres! Faltan todavía dos días de la campaña y contamos con ustedes para continuar difundiendo la iniciativa a través de las redes sociales, compartiendo nuestros posts de Laboratoria México (facebook) y @LaboratoriaMX (twitter). Con más fondos podemos llegar a más mujeres!!
Juntos somos más fuertes!!!! Mil gracias por todo el apoyo!!! Todo esto ha sido posible gracias a ustedes!! Aquí va un video especial de agradecimiento!!

un fuerte abrazo!!!

Equipo Laboratoria México


Dear friends!

It is with much joy that we communicate to you that on Saturday we reached our goal of USD30,000 for our crowdfunding campaign!!!! We are extremely happy and grateful with the result!!! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise enough for us to keep growing and be able to train another group of talented women starting in January in our own center! 

We would also like to share more good news with you!

  • Currently, eight of our students have begun their internships with 3 tech companies in Mexico City, and the feedback that we've received from the companies has been extremely positive. We're very proud of them!
  • Laboratoria has also just recently been selected as one of only 6 projects by New Ventures Startups for an acceleration program, and by the Society of Public Entrepreneurs from the Tec de Monterrey, one of the country's most prestigious Universities.
  • Laboratoria was also featured in several in international news outlets two weeks ago due to the participation of our wonderful founder, Mariana Costa, in the World Bank's annual forum, this year, in Lima. Mariana participated in a panel alongside Jim Yong Kim (President of the World Bank), Sean Penn (Haiti Relief Organization), Blanca Treviño (Founder, Softtek), Allen Blue (Co-Founder, LinkedIn), among other young global leaders. 

Each one of you has contributed to realizing Laboratoria's dream of reaching thousands of women in the near future. There are still two days left in our campaign and we're counting on you to continue spreading the word of our initiative through social networks, sharing our posts on Laboratoria México (facebook) and @LaboratoriaMX (twitter). With more funds we can reach more women! Together we're stronger! Thank you very much for your support! All of this has been possible thanks to you. Here's a thank you video made especially for you.

Besos from Mexico,

Rapha, Macha, Raziel and Gabi (the Laboratoria Mexico team)


Chers amis contributeurs,

C’est avec beaucoup de joie et d'émotion que nous vous annonçons que nous avons atteint notre objectif de campagne samedi dernier! Nous sommes très heureux de ce succès ! Grâce à votre générosité nous avons pu récolter suffisamment de fonds pour former une nouvelle génération de femmes à partir du mois de janvier et ouvrir notre propre centre de formation !

Nous avons également plusieurs bonnes nouvelles à partager avec vous :

  • Actuellement, huit de nos étudiantes sont en stage dans 3 entreprises du secteur numérique, et les retours de ces entreprises sont très positifs! Nous sommes très fiers d'elles!
  • Laboratoria vient également d’être sélectionnée pour participer à un programme très sélectif d'accélération de start-ups par New Ventures Startups et par la Société des Entrepreneurs Publics de l’université du Tec de Monterrey, l'un des meilleurs établissements d'enseignement au Mexique.
  • Laboratoria a aussi été mise à l’honneur dans les médias internationaux avec la participation de notre fondatrice péruvienne, Mariana Costa, au Forum annuel de la Banque mondiale au Pérou aux côtés de Jim Yong Kim, Président de la Banque mondiale, Sean Penn (Haiti Relief Organization), Blanca Treviño (Fondatrice de Softtek), Allen Blue (co-fondateur de LinkedIn), et parmi d'autres dirigeants du monde l'entrepreneuriat.

Chacun de vous a contribué à faire de ce projet une réalité! Il nous reste encore deux jours avant la clôture de la campagne et nous comptons sur vous pour nous aider à diffuser le projet sur les réseaux sociaux au travers de posts Facebook (Laboratoria Mexico) et Twitter (@LaboratoriaMX). Grâce à ce financement supplémentaire nous pourrons impacter plus de femmes !

Merci pour votre soutien ! Tout cela est possible grâce à vous !

Vous pourrez voir ici une petite vidéo de remerciement…

Mille mercis et à très bientôt !

Macha, Gabi, Rapha et Raziel


Queridos amigos contribuintes!

É com muita alegria e emoção que comunicamos a vocês que sábado passado conquistamos a nossa meta de USD30,000 na nossa campanha de financiamento coletivo na Fondeadora! Estamos muito felizes com o resultado!! Graças a sua generosidade, foi possivel arrecadar o suficiente para que possamos crescer e formar outra geração de alunas a partir de janeiro no nosso próprio centro de formação! 

Também temos várias boas noticias para compartilhar com vocês!

  • Atualmente, oito de nossas alunas estão estagiando em tres empresas do setor digital, e a retroalimentação das empresas tem sido extremamente positiva! Estamos muito orgulhosas delas!
  • Laboratoria acaba de ser selecionada como um dos melhores projetos de impacto social pela New Ventures Startups para um programa de aceleração, e pela Sociedade de Emprendedores Públicos do Tec de Monterrey, uma das Universidades mais prestigiadas no país. 
  • Também fomos destacados em meios internacionais com a participação maravilhosa da nossa fundadora, Mariana Costa, no Forum Anual do Banco Mundial no Perú, ao lado do Jim Yong Kim (Presidente do Banco Mundial), Sean Penn (Haiti Relief Organization), Blanca Treviño (Fundadora da Softtek), Allen Blue (Co-Fundador da LinkedIn), entre outros líderes mundiais de emprendimento. 

Cada um de vocês tem contribuido para realizar nosso sonho de levar Laboratoria a cada vez mais mulheres! Faltam ainda dois dias da nossa campanha e contamos com vocês para continuar difundindo a iniciativa a través das redes sociais, compartilhando nossos posts da página Laboratoria México (facebook) e @LaboratoriaMX (twitter). Com maior financiamento podemos formar mais mulheres!!

Juntos somos mais fortes! Muito obrigada pelo apoio! Tudo isso tem sido possivel graças a vocês. Aquí vai um video de agradecimento feito especialmente para vocês!!

Um forte abraço!

Gabi, Rapha, Macha e Raziel (Equipe Laboratoria México)


GRACIAS!! y noticias!

por Laboratoria MX

Friends, amis, amigos (in english below, en français ci-dessous, em portugués abaixo!!)

Queridos amig@s fondeadores,

Cómo están? No podemos creer que faltando 22 días para el fin de nuestra campaña, ya casi llegamos a nuestra meta!!! Su apoyo y generosidad ha sido increible! Muchas gracias a cada uno de ustedes, de verdad!

Ya somos más de 200 fondeadores!! Una comunidad de más de 200 personas que cree en el potencial de Laboratoria, en el futuro de nuestras alumnas, y en el impacto que podemos generar juntos en la región!

Para alcanzar esta meta (y quien sabe, hasta superarla!), necesitamos aprovechar esta fuerza colectiva! :) 
Es por eso que queremos pedir su apoyo una vez más, difundiendo su contribución y esta campaña en sus redes sociales! Así llegaremos a amigos de amigos, y a cientos de miles de personas que pueden querer formar parte de esta comunidad! 
Les pedimos colgar los siguientes posts en las redes entre hoy y mañana!

FACEBOOK: Soy fondeador orgulloso de Laboratoria México! Conozcan este emprendimiento que está cambiando la vida de jóvenes mujeres y del sector digital en Latinoamérica! Únete hoy!

TWITTER: @LaboratoriaMX, una iniciativa innovadora que está transformando el sector digital en LATAM! Únete y contribuye hoy!

GRACIAS!!!!!! Estaremos en contacto nuevamente pronto!!
Un fuerte abrazo,

Gabi, Macha, Rapha, y Raziel

Dear donors!

How are you? We can't believe that with 22 days to the end of our campaign, we've almost reached our goal!!! Your support and generosity has been incredible and humbling! Thank you very much to each one of you. We mean that!

We are already over 200 donors! A community of over 200 people who believe in Laboratoria's potential, in the future of our students, and in the impact that we may generate together in the region! 

To reach this goal (and who knows, maybe even surpass it!), we need to build on this collective force we've created!
That's why we'd like to ask for your support one more time, spreading the word about your contribution and this campaign in your social networks! That way, we'll reach friends of friends, and hundreds of thousands of people that may want to be a part of our community!

We ask that you please post the following messages in your networks between today and tomorrow!

FACEBOOK: I'm a proud donor of Laboratoria Mexico! Learn more about this social enterprise that's changing the lives of young women and the digital sector in Latin America. Join us today!!

TWITTER: @LaboratoriaMX, an innovative initiative transforming the digital sector in LATAM! Join us and contribute today!

Thank you very much!!! We'll be in touch again soon with some exciting news!
Best regards,

Gabi, Macha, Rapha and Raziel


Chers amis contributeurs,

On espère que vous allez tous bien!

Que de bonnes nouvelles grâce à vous. À 22 jours de notre fin de campagne, nous avons pratiquement atteint notre objectif de récolte ! Nous avons du mal à y croire! Votre soutien et votre générosité ont été exceptionnels depuis le début. Mille mercis à chacun de vous!

Nous sommes déjà plus de 200 contributeurs ! Une communauté de plus de 200 personnes qui croient au potentiel de Laboratoria, au futur de nos élèves et à l'impact que nous pouvons générer tous ensemble dans la région.

Pour atteindre notre objectif (et qui sait, le dépasser!), nous voudrions profiter de cette formidable force collective :)
C'est pourquoi nous sollicitons votre soutien une fois de plus aujourd'hui en vous demandant de diffuser votre contribution à notre campagne sur les réseaux sociaux. Ainsi, nous pourrons parvenir aux amis de nos amis, et à des centaines de milliers de personnes qui pourraient être intéressées de se joindre au mouvement! 

Si vous avez deux minutes, nous vous demandons de nous aider en publiant les posts suivants sur votre facebook et/ou twitter aujourd'hui ou demain. Si tout le monde le fait en même temps, l'impact sera énorme! N'hésitez pas à les adapter les messages, bien entendu.

Quelle fierté d'avoir contribué au projet Laboratoria Mexico! Découvrez cet entrepreneuriat social qui transforme le secteur digital et la vie de centaines de jeunes femmes en Amérique Latine! Participez au mouvement!

@LaboratoriaMX, une initiative innovante qui transforme le secteur digital en Amérique Latine!Contribuez et partagez

A très bientôt,

Rapha, Macha, Gabi et Raziel

Queridos amig@s contribuintes!

Tudo bem?? Mal podemos acreditar que com 22 dias faltando para o fim da nossa campanha, já quase conseguimos alcançar a nossa meta!! Seu apoio e generosidade tem sido realmente incrível! Muito obrigada a cada um de vocês por isso, de coração.

Já somos mais de 200 doadores! Uma comunidade de mais de 200 pessoas que acredita no potencial de Laboratoria, no futuro de nossas alunas, e no impacto que juntos podemos gerar na região!

Para conquistar a nossa meta (e quem sabe, até superá-la!), precisamos aproveitar esta força coletiva que criamos!
É por isso que gostaríamos de pedir o seu apoio mais uma vez, divulgando a sua contribuição e esta campanha a través de suas redes sociais! Assim, poderemos alcançar aos amigos de amigos, e a centenas de milhares de pessoas que podem querer formar parte desta comunidade!

Pedimos por favor que vocês coloquem os seguintes posts nas suas redes entre hoje e amanhã!

FACEBOOK: Sou contribuinte orgulhoso de Laboratoria México! Conheçam este emprendimento que está mudando a vida de jóvens mulheres e do setor digital na América Latina! Se junte a nós!

TWITTER: @LaboratoriaMX, uma iniciativa inovadora que está transformando o setor digital na América Latina! Júnte-se hoje! 

Muitíssimo OBRIGADA!!! Estaremos em contato em breve com excelentes noticias!
Um forte abraço,

Gabi, Macha, Rapha e Raziel

Laboratoria México, código que transforma

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This is AMAZING! Thank you so so much!! With 25,000 pesos you're sponsoring one of Laboratoria's future coders and financing 100% of her education!!! As a HUGE thank you, we'll make sure to keep you updated on her learning process and general progress through personalized thank you notes and pictures. We'll also gift you with an incredible website created by our coders + we invite you to say a few words at our launching event in 2016 (individual donor reference only) + your name will appear prominently on the "Wall of Donors" of both our website and new training center. Finally, you'll also receive the full Laboratoria KIT (eco 2G USB drive, Tote bag + Postcard + Impact Report).

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