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Un trasplante para Luciana

By Ma Lourdes Pacheco C

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Ended 08/15/16

"Luciana tiene 5 años y padece OTC, esta enfermedad provoca que su cuerpo genere amonio por lo que se envenena. Ella necesita un trasplante de hígado. ¡Súmate! "

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México, Mexico

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Luciana is only five and she suffers from a genetic deficiency called OTC, which caused her body to produce ammonia , which constantly poisons her and causes neurological damage. This is why we need to gather $118,000 USD for a liver transplant.

¡We know we can make it with your help!

Luciana was born with a genetic deficiency called OTC (Ornitina Transcarbamilasa). This is a metabolic disease from the urea cycle. One of the functions of the liver, is to catch the ammonia, which is naturally produced as a by-product of our intake protein breakdown, turn it into urea and dispose it as urine.

Unfortunately, Luciana cannot produce the necessary enzymes to catch this ammonia ; as a result, it just spread through the blood current , poisoning it. The consequences of having elevated blood levels of ammonia (hiperamonemias) can go from neurological arrest to death. Despite the rigorous treatment followed by Luciana, like having a very protein-restrictive diet (animal or vegetable), she must take a metabolic formula and several medicines; any sort of metabolic stress could drive Luciana towards a hiperamonemia crisis. Metabolic stress can be triggered even by a common cold. 

¡We know that you can help us to make a difference in Lucianas’s life.

Its condition of being a genetic disease makes OTC incurable. Unfortunately, the ideal  medicines to have better control over this deficiency are not being imported to Mexico, due to their elevated costs and the number of patient who need this is quite low. The only real cure for Luciana is to find a healthy liver which can produce the necessary enzymes to process the ammonia her body releases , and this can only be achieved by means of a transplant. Currently, Luciana is registered in the CENATRA (National Centre of Transplants) with ID number of  115615-7786 and we are waiting for the right liver to arrive. 

How will we use the money? 

We will use the collected money to pay the hospital and doctor fees, and everything that is not covered by the insurance. We will share the proofs of all the costs. 

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Un trasplante para Luciana