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"Webplatform and app that gather doctors and patients through video-call: consultation, medical diagnosis and treatment thanks to electronic prescription."

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Puebla, Mexico

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About WeDoctors

We are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in Latin America. We develop a web platform and a mobile application to gather patients and physicians through a video-consultation (video-call), so the patients, will have access to medical care at the moment they need it (if their condition is treatable through a remote channel), once the medical consultation has ended, if the physician thinks the patient needs drugs, he can send an electronic prescription to the nearest patient drugstore, in this way the patient will get a medical consultation, diagnosis and the complete treatment with the necessary drugs.

WeDoctors will work in the public and private sector; for the next three years, we will treat more than 19 million patients! Saving more than 30 million hours on average, reduce the circulation of 9 million cars per shuttle to medical consultations that can be treated remotely...

... But the most important thing: We will bring primary healthcare services at the moment  the people need it.

Also, we will increase sources of employment and income channels to doctors.

How am I going to use the money?

With the money we recieve, WeDoctors’ team will attend the Unreasonable Institute! Where “The Team” will learn how to take WeDoctors to the next level, the level that allows us to bring the healthcare services to all Mexicans and Latin American people; through advices and the guidance of amazing and passionate mentors, experts in business develpment, seeking to provoke a an amazing social impact in the world through innovative and disruptive solution.

About the creators:

Charlie Carreto (CEO & co-founder) Mexican 100% committed with the country's development through the creation of companies that generates disruptive and irreverent changes that challenge the status quo and enhance great solutions to reduce the urgent "pains". Charlie is passionate about the challenges that worthwhile to solve: the challenges that generate welfare to people. He’s 23 years old, he’s from Tlaxcala, he’s a social entrepreneur, dog lover, fascinated by reading, friend, brother, son and boyfriend.

Jorge Sanchez (CTO & co-founder), passionate about technology and the scope that can have applied to society benefits.  He loves the challenges and make the "impossible" happen. He enjoy to helping others and one of his life theorems "ask himself at the end of the day, <what did I do today to help someone else?>, if  he doesn’t find answer, he thinks he has lost the day"

Paul Valera (CMO & co-founder), an artist trapped in the body of a graphic designer. Passionate about finding new ways to integrate awesome design to solve different kinds of problems. He loves art link cinema and novels, he’s focus to convert the statics things in animated tings through motion graphics and visual effects, to communicate the dreams through the design.

How and when the rewards will be delivered?

Rewards like t-shirts, official record of WeDoctors funders, cup for Coffee and bracelets will only be sent to crowdfunders who lives in México from Monday June 22. Free medical checkups memberships (query, annual and annual family detached) and annual memberships will be valid until the team tell you (we’ll explain the reason).

Reach the team at:

teléfono: +(52) 1 2223603393
twitter: @charlycarreto

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Irrazonablemente Agradecidos

por Charlie, Jorge y Paul

Estimad@s tod@s, Paul, Jorge y Charlie, estamos total y profundamnte agradecidos por su incondicional apoyo, sin ustedes este gran logro no hubiera sido una realidad.

Queremos dejar claro que agradecemos cada peso ($) y minuto del cual se desprendieron por creer y confiar en WeDoctors como empresa y en cada miembro del equipo (que pueden estar seguros, está 100% dedicado y motivado por hacerlo una realidad).

Les prometemos llevarlos con nosotros en cada paso que demos; estarán recibiendo noticias y actualizaciones sobre WeDoctors.

Y por su puesto, ¡su merecidad recompensa!

Como último favor, queremos solicitarles una foto personal, la que ustedes crean que proyecta su personalidad, esa personalidad que los llevó a dar clic en ese botón verde de "Fondear", esperamos que nos la puedan enviar a: con su nombre.

Sin más por el día de hoy, Paul, Jorge y Charlie, quedamos atentos de ustedes.

Online Medical Consultation 24/7: WeDoctors

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You rock! You're an unreasonable! There is no change without you… and we really appreciate it by phone (mobile), mail and social networks (facebook, twitter and instagram).

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Marvelous! You're part of the change, that make us really happy, and we want to show you: -We'll send you an electronic record that certifies you as WeDoctors' crowdfunder -Also we'll tell you all your friends the amazing person you are (facebook, twitter and instagram) for support a project that whant to bring a better life through the online healthcare.

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Ufff! You are on fire! We are sure you need to see a physician, don't worry: -WeDoctors pays! you'll have a free online medical check-up -A real cool WeDoctors cup -A record that certifies you as Unreasobale WeDoctors crowdfunder -Also, we scream as laudest as we can in facebook, twitter and instagram how cool you are, thanking you for all you support.

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Super! You're almost graduated from medicin college! Thanks to believe in us... we also believe in you. So, you'll recieve: -2 medical checkups totally free -A real cool cup of WeDoctors -We'll send you (printed and electronic) a record that certifies you as unreasonable crowdfunder of WeDoctors.-Finally, we will flood facebook, twitter and instagram by telling your frieds how generous you are.

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Wooooow, I'm your fan! (well, we are). We can count with the fingers of one hand the people as generous as you are, we want to be reciprocal: -You'll have one physician (or five) whenever you need: We give you an individual annual membership with 5 medical checkups totally free. -A unreasobale revolution t-shirt of WeDoctors -A cup to remmeber you how great you are at every day of your likfe -Direct to stardom! You will be part of a WeDoctors, commercial, also we will send you one (print and electronic) record that certifies you as unreasonable crowdfunder of WeDoctors.-Finally, we love to scream to tell all your frieds how amazing you are (by facebook, twitter and instagram).

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You're the best! -No, you're the best!!! You really want to bring healthcare anywhere in Mexico and Latin America. Now, is time WeDoctors take care of you (and your family), you'll recieve: -A family annual membership (10 free medical check-ups). -A unreasonable WeDoctors' revolution t-shirt - A WeDoctors cup, so you can remember how great you are with every sip you take - A declaration that empower you as unreasonable crowdfunder of WeDoctors (printed and electronic). -You're just one step away from Hollywood: you'll appear in a comercial of WeDoctors. -Finally... we want all your friends know how incredible you ar, so we'll tell everybody by facebook, twitter and instagram.

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Ya eres parte de nuestra familia: la familia WeDoctors, sólo naciste en otro lugar. Estamos profundamente agradecidos por tu apoyo, no tenemos palabras para describirlo que nos haces sentir. Te has hecho acreedor a una membresía familiar anual (10 consultas gratuitas para ti y los tuyos). -Una playera de la revolución irrazonable de WeDoctors en Salud. -Una taza WeDoctors para que no olvides lo maravilloso que eres con cada café que prepares en ella. -Una pulsera de fondeador irrazonable de WeDoctors -Un acta que te acredita como fondeador irrazonable de WeDoctors (impresa y en electrónico) -Un cuadro del logo con una foto tuya lista para colgar en tu oficina o casa. -Además, serás parte del elenco para ser parte del vídeo comercial de WeDoctors. -Ya por último... le contamos a todos tus amigos lo increíble que eres a través de Redes Sociales (Fb, twitter e Instagram).

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